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Civil War Militaria Books

We specialize in civil war books for the student, relic hunter, and collector of militaria and artifacts. We also carry militaria books on the Colonial, Revolutionary and Western Indian Wars periods of American history. Our books deal with weapons, from pistols to artillery, accoutrements, ie, buttons,buckles,belts, insignia, etc. and tents, hospitals, currency, etc.

We started the business in North Carolina in 1976 selling metal detectors. Due to our interest in relic hunting and history, especially Civil War history, we began selling books relating to artifacts that a relic hunter might find. The business was then expanded to include books for the collector of the numerous artifacts and collectibles of the Civil War Era. Later books relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary War and Indian Wars were added.

Since we have a well outfitted woodworking shop we began manufacturing and selling quality artifact display cases.

We are located near New Market in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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